Winter Garage Organization
Winter garage organization

If you’re like many Americans, winter means your garage stays covered in road salt, wet snow, and winter gear.  If all the snow gear is piling up, it’s time to take action. Check out our winter garage organization tips below!

Clean Out

I find that most organization projects go best if you start by getting RID of all the things you don’t need.  This can include things that are broken, worn out, and outgrown. Toss it all to the curb or sell it if you can. When it comes to winter garage organization, getting as much stuff out of the way as possible is optimal.

Just Plain Clean

Sweep the floor, wipe down the cabinets and shelves, and pick up shoes and such. When your garage floor feels clean, the whole place seems more organized! Read on for what to do with all those “shoes and such” you’ve just picked up.

Find Storage

While we can certainly help you come up with custom garage storage solutions, we understand that’s not always possible. Colorful plastic bins work great for holding boots.  Get some additional hooks and store your ski pants or other wet jackets and gear there.

When it comes to your toys, storage is key. If you don’t currently have a designated spot for some of your winter gear, we’ve got a few ideas. These will help with your winter garage organization.

First, ski storage is easy to build. Start with a small “box” or rubber mat for the skis to stand on. Measure the shortest pair and and add pegs for the skis to lean against.

Next, for flatter items like sleds, overhead storage is a great option.  If you can, use the top shelf of a set of shelves.

For helmets for all winter sports, hooks again work well! Hooks or even a large bag or box that all the helmets can sleep in will at least keep those helmets from rolling all over.

When you’re ready to get started with a custom storage solution for your garage, call us! (970) 234-0039.

Winter Garage Organization

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