What’s your Organization Style?

Everyone organizes things differently, right? The way your sister organizes her home isn’t going to be the same as the way you do. Even the way your spouse organizes his desk probably won’t look like the way you organize yours. The organizing is what matters: not how you do it.

Your organization style is reflective of you as a person. It will incorporate your personal style, whether that’s hanging on to receipts and papers for years or tossing everything once you’ve assured yourself you don’t need that Lowe’s receipt anymore.

There are two basic styles in our house: pilers and filers. I am a piler. I have a pile of books on my nightstand. It’s a neat pile, but it is a pile. I also have a pile of deposited checks in a drawer. Again, it’s a neat pile, but it’s a pile nonetheless. My spouse is a filer. Bills are filed in his “to be mailed” file holder by date. Receipts are saved and filed until they’re no longer needed. He has no piles!

Even when it comes to our digital storage, styles are varied. There I am the filer. I have files for all of my emails.  He is a piler. All of his emails live in his inbox until the thing they reference has passed.  My emails live in perpetuity it seems, but hidden away from sight in their own folders, for reference I suppose.

What is YOUR style? Ask yourself the following questions to help you determine the best way to organize for YOU.

  1. Do I need to see things to be reminded they’re there? (Pilers often need this visual reminder).

2. Do I prefer bare desktops and countertops to those with neatly organized piles/stacks/groupings of items?

3. Do I want to see all the things? (If so, consider open shelving in your kitchens and closets) or do I want all the things hidden away?

Answering these questions can help you learn so much about your organization style! Baskets, for example, are great for pilers, because they’re open and allow you to see things. Storage ottomans are great for filers. Everything is out of sight.

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What’s your Organization Style?

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