Small Kitchen Storage Tips

Our friends in Grand Junction at the VCK Group have a new blog post about small kitchen storage improvements  and we thought we’d add to it with a list of unique ways you can add storage to your small kitchen space too! Remember, if the project seems too daunting, call us! We’d love to help you get the kitchen space you need! (970) 234-0039.

In your cabinets you can:

  • Add wire shelving for increased stackable space (this works especially well with cans).
  • Add a small lazy-susan for holding extra condiments
  • Add back-of-the cabinet door storage (if possible)

In a nearby closet you can:

  • Designate a shelf or two for bulk goods like flour, peanut butter, oils.
  • Store not-often-used appliances

Above your cabinets you can:

  • Store decorative kitchen items like saki sets, fondue sets, or vases.
  • Store larger bulky items like roasting pans.  If you space these things out and don’t clutter everything up, they’ll look decorative even if they aren’t meant to be!

On walls you can:

  • Add a magnetic strip for storing knives and spices
  • Add hanging baskets for storing fruits that don’t have to be refrigerated, potatoes, onions, and garlic.

In the rest of the kitchen you can:

  • Add a pot hanger for storing pots and pans
  • Find a slot between the fridge and the wall for storing your broom and mop
  • install hooks under cabinets for hanging pot holders or mugs

There are thousands of ways to find useable space in your kitchen. From adding floating shelves to adding hooks and back of the door organizers, you can make it happen! At Space Creators we can design better cabinet storage, add lazy susans, and help you design a pantry that holds all the things you need it to.

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Small Kitchen Storage Tips

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