At Space Creators, we truly mean it when we say, “If you can imagine it, we can build it!” Below are a few items we’ve built that don’t quite fit into any other categories on our site.  Feel free to call us about any storage ideas you may have and we’ll do our best to create it for you!

Dryer for paper makingdryer for paper making

Shown to the left is a dryer box used in the paper making process.  This individual is an artist that makes paper, she e-mailed me some pictures and ideas, and this is the result.  You place the paper, that has had the excessive moisture pressed out of it, under the board with the slats and dowels.  On the slats and dowels you place weights.  You turn on the fans and air is drawn through the paper stack to dry it.  I hear it works perfectly.


Nobody likes to stand on their head to see what is in the base cabinets of their kitchen.  Spacecreators can transform base cabinets from shelves to adjustable roll-out trays in an afternoon.

Shown below is a dovetailed kitchen roll out shelf.  The back and sides are taller to prevent items from falling when rolling the tray in and out.  The front is lower so the items are viewable after opening the cabinet.