Life can be an exciting whirlwind of adventures and activities, but it can also turn chaotic! Many of us struggle to maintain order in our lives, and when our home is messy, it can feel like our minds are, too! To fix this problem, let us see what habits we can start to become better at organizing.

  1. Get rid of anything you no longer need. 

We all have sentimental treasures; we like to hold onto. However, it may be time to eliminate something that serves no practical use and is just taking up space. Saying goodbye to that old knick-knack that you “must keep” can add more room for things that truly matter. 

  1. Have a designated spot for everything. 

For example, consider all the random items stored in your garage. It is a bustling, messy marketplace for all the tools and essentials. Organize it like a pro by separating everything into zones. Make a designated area for canned goods and snacks away from those trusty outdoor tools. Invest in storage containers where you can fit everything while ensuring nothing goes out of place. Remember, size matters when it comes to storage containers- so choose wisely! In fact, if you need custom garage storage options, be sure to see what we offer!

Room-by-Room Goals

Each room’s strategy must be catered to based on the size and number of items that will be kept in the space. Whip out a measuring tape in the kitchen and bathrooms and find the perfect organizers to fit your drawers. Keep similar items in a particular area. This way, you know where to look for something you need. Do not just dump random things into drawers; then find that one specific thing becomes more complex. Try to review what items are necessary and what will be used the most. 

  1. Have a cleaning schedule.

Cleaning and organizing are the dynamic duo that are equally important. Keep your space pristine and sanity intact by following a consistent cleaning schedule. Instead of cleaning in one day, break it up by having daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.

  • Daily: Wipe down surfaces (especially in the kitchen) and sweep floors if need be. 
  • Weekly: Dust all cobwebs and buildup, and mop and vacuum each room. Embarking on cleaning and reorganizing the fridge every week will keep it fresh and neat. Have a weekly laundry and bathroom cleaning schedule on the agenda, too.
  • Monthly: Clean the shower and bathtub and show the hard-to-reach places who’s boss. As seasons change, take some time to reevaluate what things need to be taken care of and reorganized. 

Implementing a good cleaning schedule helps you stay motivated to keep your home an organized sanctuary. Organizing takes patience and time; once you develop the habit of wanting things to stay organized, you’ll find maintaining order a rewarding and effortless part of your daily routine. 

Better Organizing Habits

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