Add Storage to your Open Concept Home

Open concept homes are still quite popular, though the pandemic caused many to rethink the usefulness of too much open space! If you have an open concept home you may be looking for storage solutions. With fewer walls separating spaces, where do you put everything? At Space Creators we have ideas about storage options for your open concept home.

Beautiful luxury home kitchen with white cabinets.


Beautiful built-in bookcases and entertainment centers are a great option for storage in an open concept home. In fact, they’re a great storage option anywhere! As they’re “built-in” to the room they have a feeling of cohesiveness. Built-ins can house anything from books and knick-knacks to albums and even decorative baskets of pet supplies.

Storage Ottomans

Storage ottomans work in any room, including your kitchen. You can use a storage ottoman as extra seating PLUS house everything from sports shoes to dish towels and cloth napkins in them. Used in the living room storage ottomans provide seating, foot rests, and space for blankets or magazines.


With a large kitchen pantry you don’t need as much wall space for storage. That’s why pantries are one of several great storage options for open concept homes.  Floor space and that unused space over head can be useful for storing bulky and not-often-used items.  Because your pantry is basically out of sight when guests are over, you can have all sorts of odds and ends in there as long as they’re neatly organized.

Finally, don’t discount the storage you may have in your kitchen island.

Kitchen islands these days can be designed with so much storage included. From deep drawers for casserole dishes to open shelves for cookbooks, there are plenty of ways to utilize your island for storage. You can even have hooks on one end for pots and pans if you desire.

Ready to discuss ways to up the storage options in your open concept home? Contact us! We’d love to help.

Add Storage to your Open Concept Home

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