5 Ways you Can Get Organized This Month

It’s no surprise that January is national get organized month. As the first month of the year, replete with resolutions and such, it makes sense. Many of us want to be more organized in some aspect of our lives, whether that’s with our finances, our day-to-day errands, or our house in general. BUT the good news is it’s never too late to get started, even if January only has 4 1/2 more days. We all know it will feel like more than that! So without further ado, here are 5 ways you can get organized this month.

First, decide what area needs the most work. Is it the house? Is it your work calendar? Is it your kids’ activities? Determining where to begin is step one. I bet you already know what area is in dire need of help!

5 Ways to Get Organized

Second in our 5 ways you can get organized this month is to take inventory. If you’re talking about the house, this is easy. Get everything off the counters, off the floor, etc., and into baskets. If you’re talking about something more “virtual” or your kids’ events, consider gathering all the places you write down those events. Where do you put the notices that come home? What calendar do you use? Even if some of it is virtual, get everything together with your phone and desktop.

Next, decide on a method of organization that works best for you. It may be that there’s a designated time when you can get everyone to spend 10 minutes organizing the house. Maybe right after dinner or before bed. For event organization a marker-board calendar, bulletin board, or shared Google calendar could solve several problems.

Then, proclaim it! Make sure everyone knows that THIS is how we’re doing it! If only yourself is involved then commit yourself to this new way of staying organized for a few weeks until it becomes habit.

Finally, share your ways with others who could benefit. I began using the Google “tasks” function to keep track of my daily tasks. Getting alerts on my phone and computer help me to stay organized and caught up with work. Sharing how YOU stay organized can help your friends and family members to be more organized as well.

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5 Ways you Can Get Organized This Month

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