Outside of your home and work, your car is one of the places you spend the most time. It becomes a second filing cabinet, a trash can, and an extra garage! So how can you best store all that stuff? Read on for tips for an organized car.

Clean Out

Before you even start to organize it, clean it out. Take everything out of your car.  If there are items that have other homes, get all that stuff put where it goes. Vacuum the car while you’re at it! It’s empty; you might as well clean it.

Tips for an organized car


Now that you see what’s left to go back in your car, organize it. Put all of your car emergency gear (jack, lug wrench, flares, etc) in one pile. Items that need to stay up front, or within reach, in another. Do this until everything has a place/pile.


Probably you have everything you need at home to organize your car. However, if you don’t, consider any of the following:

  • laundry basket
  • plastic storage bin
  • trunk net
  • back-of-the-seat organizers

Laundry baskets are great for holding all the little things you throw in the car every morning.  For example, a lunch bag, purse, gym shoes, and spare water bottle. Plastic storage bins, especially long flat ones, are great for storing jumper cables and other automotive tools. Trunk nets can keep those items that need to stay in (auto tools) separate from your groceries. Back-of-the-seat organizers are great for all sorts of small items like maps, hairbrushes, chapstick, sunglasses, tissue, etc.

Though we can’t build custom storage for your car, we can at least give you tips for an organized car! When you’re ready to add a new closet or custom storage solution to your home, call us! (970) 234-0039.


Tips for an Organized Car