The holidays just aren’t as cozy without twinkling lights, a decorated tree, and all those Christmas ornaments.  However, storing those items is a chore, sometimes! If every year you face the same struggle to put all those decorations away, we’ve got a few holiday storage hacks that can help.

First, yes, declutter. Are you hanging on to lots of holiday ornaments and items you never even use? Donate those to a thrift store or sell them on Ebay! You’ll be surprised at what items others are looking for, and you’ll feel better knowing those items are getting used. Another reason to do this? You gain storage space by getting rid of unwanted decorations!

Holiday Storage Hacks

Next, use what you already have. If you’ve got good, sturdy plastic boxes those are great for storing your holiday decorations. Take time this year to store things in a way that works for you: by room, by type of decoration, etc. Knowing everything in one box gets used in the kitchen, for example, makes decorating and putting away easier.

If you need to purchase new storage items, there are plenty of options out there. Just searching “storage bins” on Amazon brings up a host of options. For specific storage items, consider the size of the item and whether hard or soft storage options will work. For your Christmas dish towels and linens, a canvas storage box may work just fine. You can put it on a high shelf in a closet and it will not only protect your items, it will look nice too!

For larger and bulkier items, like Christmas wreaths or wrapping paper, you will be able to find specific storage options. If under the bed storage is what you have, a box like this one can work.

Holiday Storage Hacks

Wreaths can be covered with a trash bag and hung in a storage closet for use next year. To me, that’s the easiest way to store them. For you, having a box designated for wreaths may be a better option.

As for ornament storage, I tend to be one of those “let’s just layer some tissue paper between each row of ornaments and see how many we can fit in this box” types. I realize that doesn’t work for everyone. There are lots of options out there for this as well as you’ll see when you head into any generic Big Box store this holiday season!

Our best advice when it comes to holiday storage hacks? Find what works for you!


Holiday Storage Hacks