We all know those organized people in our lives. They’re the ones with a fully used calendar and planner system, a white board of upcoming events, and the ones who actually plan a menu! If you’re struggling with what to get those folks this year, we’ve got ideas for you!

Desk and Office Supplies

Organized people love to get new post-it notes, pens, and baskets and such to hold all that stuff. You can find great fun magnets, push pins for bulletin boards, etc., at your nearest office supply or even craft store!

Gifts for Organized People


A beautiful wall calendar or meaningful day-to-day calendar can also make a great gift for those who like to plan their days.  Consider pairing a day calendar with a favorite mug and some tea or coffee. A great way for your friend to start their day is with a funny calendar check and a good hot beverage!

Wireless Chargers and Bluetooth Devices

A beautiful sleek wireless charger/stand or bluetooth speaker could be the perfect addition to your organized person’s home office set up! If you’re looking for gifts for organized people, head down the phone accessories aisle and see what you find! A new phone case, speakers, ear buds, etc.

Gifts for organized people

Finally, even organized people like to relax, so put together a gift basket with their favorite bottle of wine, comfy socks or slippers, and a good book! We bet they’ll enjoy it all even more and will USE THE BASKET TOO! You know they’ll find a use for something as great as a basket!  In fact, whatever you get your organized person, put it in a basket.

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Gifts for Organized People