Whether you’ve got a tiny studio apartment or you’re working on organizing your RV, finding storage options for small spaces is KEY! We’ve got a selection of items below that can help you organize even the smallest of spaces.  These might make great gifts for someone else with a small space too!

For Your Walls

  1. Framed Mesh Nets – These are perfect for storing shoes in your RV or for adding extra storage space under your sink or bathroom counters too. Storage Options for Small Spaces - Mesh Nets
  2. Floating Shelves – Sometimes looking to your walls for inspiration is a great idea! When you don’t have floor space for an additional piece of furniture, consider adding floating shelves for storing all sorts of things! From oils and vinegar in the kitchen to hair products in the bathroom, these floating shelves are stylish enough for the whole house!

Floating Shelves








In the Kitchen

3. This Magnetic Refrigerator Storage Rack could be a DREAM FIND for someone with a small kitchen! If you’re low on space but have an open side on your fridge, seriously consider finding a magnetic rack like this to add extra shelves to your space!

Magnetic Fridge Rack

Anywhere in your home

4. Storage Ottomans – What I love most about these ottomans is that they provide storage, seating, AND if you discover you don’t need your ottoman, you can fold it up and slide it under a bed or couch!

Storage Options for Small Space storage ottoman

5. And finally, these over-the-door shoe organizers are great for so much more than shoes! Put one on the inside of a closet door for scarves, gloves, sunglasses, the various accessories for your kitchen appliances, spices, snacks, pet supplies, just about anything! Heck, they even work well for shoes.

Shoe organizer

If you’re ready for a more customized storage solution for your laundry room, closet, pantry, garage, or any other space, call Space Creators in Grand Junction, Colorado! If you can dream it, we can create it! Call Kirk at (970) 234-0039. 

Storage Options for Small Spaces