I’m in the midst of a kitchen organization overhaul. Sometimes I just look around and think, “I can organize this better.” There has to be a way to make the space I have function more efficiently.

I started my overhaul with the pantry closet. It’s literally a narrow “closet” with deep shelves top to bottom. I took everything out of the pantry and make piles of things to keep and things to put in the guest room. If we haven’t used those things in 6 months, they’re getting donated. I also made a pile of things to move to other areas. For instance, I had a set of nice glass storage dishes that weren’t getting used because they were in the top of the pantry instead of with the other storage containers.

Once I’d elimited items to store elsewhere and items to probably donate, I moved everything back into the pantry. There’s now room to access everything easily and I have space for small appliances and bulk pantry goods too.

Next, I headed for that storage container shelf. You know the one. Lids everywhere, containers with NO lids, lids with no containers…it’s a mess! Again, I took out all the containers. I matched lids to containers and got rid of broken lids and lidless containers. Once that was done there was room for the glass storage containers too.

Finally, I made a swipe through the non-perishables cabinet. I pulled out half-empty boxes of crackers and combined them with other half-empty boxes. I took inventory of canned goods and grains.  Finally, yes, I did throw one thing away.

Sometimes you’ll find you don’t need to throw things away to de-clutter. You need to re-organize, re-focus, and find spaces to use that you hadn’t thought of before. Consider using the above-the-cabinet space for those barely ever used roasting pans. Use every inch of space in your closet, even if it’s for storing extra paper towels. It’s a great place for storage because almost no one sees your closet. You can keep it neat but also use it to store items other than clothes.   For more kitchen organizing articles, click here. 

If you’re ready to work on your own kitchen organization overhaul and you need custom storage, call Kirk! (970) 234-0039.

Kitchen Organization Overhaul