Ah, garage storage! If you’re like most home owners, when you move into a new place with a big garage you think, “Finally! Space for all my things!” What often happens is that the “space for all your things” ends up cluttered and disorganized and leaves no room for your vehicles. This week we’ve got 10 garage storage organization ideas to help you keep your garage neat and tidy.  For more ideas, check out this Better Homes and Gardens article.

  1. High Shelves. Think vertical when it comes to storage. If you’ve got items that you don’t use often, like holiday decorations, install some high shelves in your garage to store these things.  They’re off the ground and out of the way, and because they’re on high shelves, you can use your lower shelves for things you need to access frequently.
  2. Baskets and bins on lower shelves make it easy for kids to help with storage as well. Whether these bins are for bike gear, gardening gloves and tools, or backyard toys, they can at least corral clutter into one space.
  3. If your kitchen doesn’t have a pantry, use the garage for food storage overflow. With bins and deep shelves you can create a great pantry area for shelf stable goods like sodas, laundry detergents, etc.

Garage Storage Organization Ideas

4. Shoe storage – use shelves like these to store ALL the shoes so that you don’t track dirt, pollen and who knows what else into your house.

5. For smaller items, use drawers with dividers.  This works for small tools, screws, craft work, etc.

6. Sports equipment storage works great in the garage.  I especially like these under-shelf bins for tennis and baseballs.

Garage Storage Organization Ideas

7. Labels! Use labels for everything! This makes it so much easier to find whatever it is you’re looking for, from decorations to seasonal clothing items.

8. Bike storage systems – consider pulleys to get bikes off the floor or vertical hanging storage as well. If you have more room, a standard bike rack can work too.

9. Hooks are wonderful things. Hooks work for everything from canvas bags to tools, jackets, etc. They get items off the floor!

10. If you really worry that you won’t have room in your garage for all of your storage and your vehicles too, consider adding a storage closet in your garage. With an extra-large garage you can keep most of your items hidden away in your storage closet and still have garage storage organization taken care of.

10 Garage Storage Organization Ideas