Having a spare closet, whether in a guest room or hallway, is a great thing! You’ve been gifted with extra storage space! So what are some of the best uses for this extra space? We’ve got five ways to utilize your spare closet below.

  1. Out-of-season clothes – If your own closet isn’t huge, this may be the best way to use your spare closet. Store your sweaters and warm pants in here during the summer and, when it’s time, swap everything out. This also gives you a great opportunity each year to go through your seasonal clothes and donate what you aren’t wearing anymore. This will keep your closet de-cluttered all the time!
  2. Sports Gear – If you’re a skier or snowboarder, mountain biker or surfer, having a place to store all of your extra gear is crucial. Knowing all your helmets, boots, waxes and coats are in one spot makes finding things a breeze. If you plan to store your actual skis or other gear in your closet, make sure to protect your floors from water damange though.

five ways to utilize your spare closet

3. Holiday Decorations – Spare closets are great places to store your holiday decorations and gift wrapping supplies. From Christmas trees to 4th of July banners, you can use this closet to store all sorts of holiday items.

4. Create an office space – Spare closets make great office spaces and this is one of our five ways to utilize your spare closet. Add a table for a desk, a file cabinet, and a bulletin board and you’re all set for a quiet and cozy workspace that can be hidden from view when needed!

5. Linens and Miscellany – If you’ve just got loads of odds and ends that you can’t get rid of, consider dividing your spare closet into thirds and storing everything there. You can have one section for towels and sheets, another for home repair tools, and a separate space for photo albums, for example.


With a spare closet the options are endless! Think about your own needs and then create the storage space that works for you!

Five Ways to Utilize Your Spare Closet