We may think that the only places in our homes that need organizing are the rooms inside it, but your outside living areas often need a little help staying neat and tidy as well. Today we’ve got tips for you on organizing your backyard space.

First, remember that your backyard is unique to you. Depending on how you spend your time here, you might need baskets for toys, places to hang towels after swimming, or a way to store your grilling tools. Organizing the backyard is definitely not a one-size fits all solution!

Consider options that double as both seating and storage. These can range from basic storage benches/boxes like the one pictured below to more elegant solutions with cushions and a more stylish design. Either way, storage benches like this are great because of the double duty they provide.

organizing your backyard

Storage sheds are a great solution organizing your backyard space and they are available in a variety of sizes and styles, from simple ones to those with gabled windows and electricity.  Within a storage shed you can house everything from your bikes and skis to your lawnmower, power tools, and pool floats.  You should consider adding a lock to your storage shed if possible.

organizing your backyard space storage shed

Even a carport space can become a well-organized option, since many of those provide access to the backyard as well.  Most of these have a small storage shed included in them, and even if they don’t, adding one or adding a peg board or hooks to hang rakes, shovels, and power cords from, is easy enough.

Remember, organizing your backyard doesn’t have to be done in one day and it can be super simple. Perhaps all it takes for you is a few colorful plastic tubs to throw the dog’s favorite toys in when you’re not using them, and one to store the cornhole beanbags in. Make your backyard organization options part of the decor! Baskets designed to withstand the elements are a great option, especially in seating areas where they can double as places to sit a drink or plate.

If you need a more customized backyard storage solution, call us! We’d love to create an option unique to you! (970) 234-0039.

Organizing Your Backyard Space