If your backyard oasis is starting to look more like it’s been visited by the tasmanian devil, we can help! In this week’s blog post we’ve got five steps to organizing your she-shed.

Step 1: Like any space, organizing your she-shed starts with figuring out what’s in it. Take everything out, organize it by group, and decide what can stay and what can go. Maybe it’s time to let that broken shovel finally join the trash heap. OR maybe it’s time to give that old scythe a place of honor! In any case, this is your first step to organization.

Step 2 is to really evaluate what you want the space to be for. Is this just a storage area that you call your own? Or is it a little backyard escape where you want to be able to relax? Deciding how you’re going to use the space will help you organize it. If you need space for a chair and side table, you’ll need to consider getting more things off the floor and onto higher shelving or on the walls themselves.

Step 3 is to group like items with like to make them easier to find. Keep all of your sports gear together and their components within reach.  Ski poles should be near the skis, the bike pump near the bikes, etc. Your garden gear should be together too.

Step 4 is to then contain what you can and get other items off the floor. Can you hang your larger garden tools? Is there space on the wall for the limb trimmers? A table great for stacking garden pots and a bench with storage can be used to store smaller garden tools, bike tools, art supplies, etc.  Consider using easy to move options like milk crates for storing things too. These are stackable and work well for all sorts of items.

Step 5 is to evaluate. Step back. Spend a few days enjoying the space as it is and then, if necessary, you can make additional adjustments. With these five steps to organizing your she-shed you’ll be back on track with your relaxing and well-organized space!

Five Steps to Organizing Your She-Shed