Since this past year meant we were all home growing extra vegetables, stocking up on frozen foods, and preserving any and everything we could, our freezers are full and a mess! It’s time to organize your small freezer and any “deep” or stand-alone freezers you have too! Let’s stop wasting what’s in there and get it under control. Check out our five tips to organize your freezer.

First, take inventory. Make a list.  You can write with a dry erase marker directly on most freezers, or just make a list on notebook paper and use a magnet to attach it to the freezer. This way you’ll know what’s there and what needs to be replaced.

Five tips for organizing your freezer

Then, group like with like. Try to keep your frozen vegetables together, meats together, fish, and condiments too. Instead of searching the whole freezer for the frozen peas,  you’ll know exactly where they’re supposed to be.

Consider some baskets or plastic storage bins for corralling items. If you keep ginger root, chipotle peppers, or other odd-sized items in your freezer, having them all in one container is a great solution. You can pull out that container, find the leftover tomato paste, and be on your way.

Our fourth of five tips to organize your freezer is to label those leftovers! Don’t put something in a plastic bag and stick it in the freezer without labeling it! Otherwise you’ll be thawing pie crust instead of pizza dough or enchilada sauce instead of pizza sauce.

Finally, revisit your freezer often. Make sure to weekly update your inventory list and make a mental note to actually plan meals that use what’s stored in the freezer. Having a freezer is a great way to preserve the bounty of summer, from corn and tomatoes to peaches and apricots, but if you forget to use those things, it’s all for nothing!

If you need help getting organized and think some custom storage solutions would help, call us! 

Five tips to Organize Your Freezer