The past year has completely redefined our homes.  They’ve become our offices, our classrooms, our gyms, and our day spas. Because of this, the need for “dedicated space” has grown. Now is the time to consider renovating your home to add “dedicated space” for whatever you need.

Dedicated Space 

A place for everything and everything in its place, right? What happens when there isn’t a place for something? Clutter. Chaos. Stress.

Whether it’s a homework nook or a recording studio, dedicated space is more important than ever before. Using every bit of space, from an unused guest room to that nook between the garage and kitchen, is crucial. You can create spaces for paying bills, sort of like a “mini office,” homework nooks, craft areas, places for your cat to escape the hustle and bustle of the world, and more! The possibilities are endless.

Home Office(s)

As we discussed here, having a dedicated and organized home office (or two) is vital these days. Whether you work from home full time, or just on occasion, having a space that is all yours, where your files and notes can live, where your Zoom calls can happen, is key. It’s stress reducing to know that you’ve got a place to take conference calls or work out the math on that new bridge project.

2021 home trends office space
Comfortable workplace with computer near wooden wall in stylish room interior. Home office design

Outdoor Space

If you need space for horseshoes, a shady spot for evening cocktails, and a giant outdoor patio for entertaining, let’s make it happen! Having dedicated outdoor space for your games and hobbies makes being home even better. It adds a whole new room for watching movies or football and for enjoying time with friends in a “safe” outdoor space.

2021 home trends homework station organization

Homework Center

If this past year had you moving your kids’ homework every evening before dinner, it’s time to consider a new homework space. A dedicated homework center, in an unused corner or even unused closet, can give you and your child peace of mind when digital school days happen.

Home Gym

If the thing you need most is a home gym, we’re here to help! We can help you transform that ‘3rd garage’ space or extra loft area into a gym space with storage for weights, bands, and medicine balls. Your home gym space will be even better with added mirrors, storage for cleaning supplies and yoga mats, and space for your Peloton.

If you’re ready to create a custom dedicated space for homework, offices, or anything else, contact us! We’d love to help.

2021 Home Trend: Dedicated Spaces