If you’re moving into a new house with a large pantry, you may find yourself with a conundrum: what do I store in my pantry.  If pantry storage has you starry-eyed with possibilities, but also overwhelmed, never fear! We’ve got lots of pantry storage ideas for you.

Pantry Storage

First, this is YOUR pantry and there are no right or wrong rules as to what to store in here. Let’s start with considering its location:

If your pantry is located near your laundry area, then you may want to have a shelf dedicated to laundry detergent, dryer sheets, etc., if there isn’t a spot near your washing machine for that.  However, if your pantry is located closer to a mudroom area or area between an entrance and your kitchen, you may also find that umbrella storage, grocery bag storage, etc. works here too. It’s up to you!

We’ve seen people use their pantry storage for small appliances because the pantry’s shelves were sturdy and tall, whereas their cabinet shelves weren’t. So they used the pantry for small appliances and the cabinets for non-perishable goods.

If you’ve got a large pantry with plenty of floor space, you might also store bulk paper products here like extra paper towels and toilet paper.

Like wine? Add a wine rack to your pantry and have plenty of space for your favorite bottles, safe from the curious hands and paws of small children and pets.

Speaking of pets, you can also use part of your pantry for storing pet food and treats. In fact, add a basket just for pet supplies and store your nail clippers, brushes, leashes, treats, etc here. They’re out of the way but readily available.

More than WHAT to store in your pantry, let’s briefly look at HOW to store it.

  • Group like items together (all canned goods, pastas, cereals, snacks)
  • Use baskets to hold spice packets or individually wrapped items so they don’t fall all over the place.
  • Use hooks for holding grocery bags, aprons, or cleaning supplies like brooms.
  • Store little-used items higher and more often used items within easy reach.

If you’d like help creating a custom pantry for your home, call us! We’d love to help!

Pantry Storage: What to store here