If you’re like many of us these days, you’re working from home at least part of the time.  Space is limited and finding a good spot for you office may mean cleaning off the kitchen table or working from your bed. However, we’ve got some kitchen office ideas that can help you turn a little spare space in  your kitchen into a great work area!

First, look for empty space. Is there a bit of a wall not being used? If so, squeeze in a small table and laptop and you’ve at least got a space to call your own. Depending on the area, add a bulletin board above that to tack notes on and hang earbuds from.  We like this look from homedit.com. 

For work purposes though, we’d replace the flowers with a spot for your coffee, and the basket should be holding post-it notes and pens!

kitchen office ideas

For an idea that takes almost no extra effort, consider just turning part of your kitchen counter/bar area into your office during the day.  In this example from decoist.com, you can see that a few stylish file holders and metal bins are used to store items for work.  Once you’re done working, you can move your laptop to a secondary “non-work” location.  This is a great kitchen office idea if you are really limited on space. Even if you just have a bar area that’s empty after breakfast, add a small table or narrow set of shelves (purchased, not built-in) for storage space for your work supplies, plop down, and get going!

Kitchen office ideas 2


For something truly custom and unique, we love this example from Better Homes and Gardens. With plenty of storage space above and below, and even room to add a cork board or marker board, this is an example of a functional and stylish kitchen office space.

Kitchen office desk

When considering how to create an office in or near your kitchen, look for the following: dead space, such as an empty wall or little-used counter area. These are great places for your laptop, especially if there is an outlet nearby. You may also consider a little-used closet or pantry area.  Even if you have a large walk-in pantry is there room in it for you to work? You may find that there is! What about a mudroom area just off the kitchen? Can you fit a barstool at a high counter? There are plenty of ways to create an office area, you just have to get creative! Need help? Contact us! We’d love to create a custom kitchen office just for you!

Kitchen Office Ideas