Your kitchen pantry can be a thing of beauty or a place you hate to go.  If you’ve got the space for it, a pantry can house everything from small appliances to your pandemic stash of TP and canned goods! We’ve got some great kitchen pantry inspiration links and ideas for you below. If you’re interested in creating a custom pantry of your own, contact us! 

First, we love this kitchen pantry inspiration from The Spruce.

kitchen pantry inspiration

From the corner la-z-Susan to the pull out racks and wine and spice storage, this pantry has it all! Plus there’s storage space underneath for heavy or bulky items too. One thing we’d change? We definitely would not have carpet in the pantry.

The DIY Network has this really sleek pantry example:

kitchen pantry

Again, it’s got a variety of shelving options, racks, wine and potato storage bins, baskets, etc. A custom pantry is just that: one that fits YOU. If you don’t drink wine, you can use this space for kids’ snack storage, your scotch collection, or even staple goods like flour and sugar.

Finally, this option from HGTV is a little more budget-friendly.

HGTV pantry



























Still, it’s got such a great look: baskets for bottles, can holders for sodas, and clear storage containers for dry goods. Even if this isn’t a look you want, if you don’t want to buy extra baskets or get clear containers for your dry goods, having a space like this, in addition to your usual kitchen cabinets, can be a lifesaver! It can save you money too because when your favorite items are on sale, you’ll be able to buy more of them!

At Space Creators we’re experts in kitchen pantries, and we hope our kitchen pantry inspiration ideas will help YOU decide it’s time to design the custom pantry of your dreams!

Kitchen Pantry Inspiration