What’s on your kitchen counters? If we were making a game show similar to Let’s Make a Deal and we asked you to find keys on your kitchen counter, could you? What about bills? A calendar? Recent greeting cards?

It seems no matter how much we try to organize our kitchen counters, clutter arises.  There are plenty of ways to keep that clutter under control, but what’s on your kitchen counter is often more a matter of training. You have to train yourself and your loved ones to put that stuff where it actually belongs.  So let’s make a list.

Things to take off your kitchen countertops

  1. Mail. Mail needs a home. If you have an office space, include a mail basket or small desktop mail holder.  Write the bill due dates on the “stamp” spot and file your bills accordingly.
  2. Second, think about keys and other pocket stuff. Things like keys, wallets, phones, chargers, etc., need to live somewhere other than the countertop.  Finding a set of hooks for purses and keys is easy! Install that by the door and you’re all set! Create a charging station somewhere in the house where everyone’s chargers can live happily and without being in the way of dinner.
  3. Next, look at your appliances. Only leave out the appliances you use every single day. We use our toaster oven, microwave, and electric tea kettle every day. All of our other appliances are stored in our pantry and above the refrigerator. If you don’t have space like that, find a closet with extra room, buy a small set of stand-alone shelves and stick them in the hot water closet, or call us! We can create some extra storage for you.
  4. Keep all of your daily cooking utensils in a drawer by the stove, if possible. Most of us store them on the countertop, but they still look jumbled and taking up space.

If you’ve gotten inspired by this, check out the counters in your bathrooms and the top of your dresser too! What’s there that doesn’t need to be? You’ll be surprised how much just cleaning up these few areas can help with decluttering your home.

What’s on your kitchen counters?