We’ve got 3 outdoor patio organization ideas for you today, but there is SO much more we could say about getting your outdoor area organized! There are lots of ways to use your patio space, and that will help decide how you organize it. If you mostly use your space for gardening or gardening prep, you might want shelves for storing pots or hooks for tools. If you mostly use your outdoor space for entertaining, then a bar area and food prep area will be essential!

The first of our 3 organizing options is a simple storage bench. outdoor patio organization

You can find these at lots of home improvement stores, wayfair.com, and you can even build one yourself if you’re handy! There are ones like this, others that are heavy duty plastic, and still others that look more like a storage “couch” for outdoors. You can add a cushion to the top of this to have additional seating too! Store whatever you need in here – bulky garden supplies, charcoal and grill supplies, toys, etc.

Next on our list is, of course, baskets. Baskets and buckets are great for outdoor patio organization!

If you’ve got a covered porch you can use a bigger variety of baskets. If your baskets will be exposed to the elements, try to find plastic or wire baskets (Or anything that works as a basket).  Kids’ toys, garden shoes, small garden tools, yard game pieces (cornhole beanbags, etc) all fit in baskets!

This last option is a little “fancier” and might be custom made, but guess what? We can make one for you! It’s got great storage for everything – trash cans, charcoal, and other supplies.  Plus, the top has a cooler section! What a neat storage option for any outdoor patio organization plan.

How do you organize your outdoor space? If you need help coming up with a custom storage idea, contact us! We’d love to help.  (970) 234-0039.

Outdoor Patio Organization