For many of you, working from home was something suddenly thrust upon you a few months ago. You had no time to plan or to create a perfect work environment. You threw your office essentials in your computer bag, grabbed your laptop and headed home to work from the kitchen table.  Maybe you had to settle for your guest bed or even your closet. No matter where your makeshift home-office ended up, we’ve got home office organization tips to help you organize your space.

  1. Remove or hide the clutter. We prefer actually going through the stack of papers, eliminating ones you don’t need, and then neatly filing away or storing the rest in a folder. It doesn’t matter what kind of folder: manila, three-ring binder, your kid’s My Little Pony school folder…anything will do!  If you don’t have time to go through all the paperwork right now, then stick it all in the folder and set aside time, marked on your schedule, to go through that stuff.
  2. Find some storage containers. At this point, it doesn’t matter what they are. Christmas tins, tupperware, coffee mugs you don’t use, all of these can be storage for pens, USB drives, and cords. Our goal here is to eliminate mess and clutter and if that means using the Santa cookie tin, then so be it!

home office organization


3. Look around your home. Is there a better space that you can create for your office? Can you perhaps use a closet? Is there a corner somewhere that is unoccupied that would fit a small table? What table, you ask? What about your camping roll-a-table? Or that collapsible one you use when you need more counter space at the holidays? We’re betting somewhere around you is a table that will work to help you at least store your laptop and work supplies when you’re not using them. Even that is something.

4. Finally, our last home office organization tip is to keep it minimal. If you know this isn’t a permanent situation for you, then do your best to just keep the necessities around. Don’t start adding all the books you might one day read or turn your office area into a charging station for everyone’s technology. Keep it simple!

If you have more space and need help with a custom home office solution, contact us! 

Home Office Organization Tips