For those of you not used to working at home, the past month or so might have been especially strange. However, it’s possible this time has led you to reflect on some home office ideas for the future. If working at a kitchen table just isn’t ideal, there are many ways you can create a home office space. If you have a home office already but just need some new ideas to freshen it up, we’ve got those too!

First, having space for a home office is crucial. Even if you think you don’t have space, you might! home office ideas gj spacecreators custom storage solutions

We pulled some images from this Good Housekeeping article and love this idea for creating an office in a closet. Using this vintage desk, the user has plenty of storage space so the top of the desk can remain clutter free. This is a great home office idea if you have very limited space for a closet. When guests arrive you can simply use the chair as an extra sitting space in the guest room and hide away your desk behind the door.  Also, to add some glam to your office space, consider accenting the walls with wallpaper as seen here.

home office ideas grand junction office built-ins

This office clearly has more space than the first one, but it still has a very sleek modern appearance. What we particularly love is the use of a corkboard wall. If your job requires lots of inspiration, an idea board like this one might serve you well. You could also use it for a calendar space, portfolio area, or just general “catch all” for notes and reminders. A home office idea like this requires very little “building” just a table and chair that fit your taste, and room to add a corkboard wall.

home office

Finally, this home office is more traditional. With bookshelves added and 2 desks, the room serves multiple workers while providing lots of color and light. We love the bold additions of the area rug and curtains.  If you prefer custom bookshelves and built-ins for your office space, let us know! We’re happy to put together a plan for you based on your needs and style. Contact us today for an estimate!

Home Office Ideas