It’s entirely possible you’ve found yourself with an overabundance of items to fit in your pantry right now. As I write this, April 9, 2020, we’re almost all facing some sort of “shelter at home” order. That means it’s a good time to get your home organized and, in particular, your pantry.  You most likely picked up some “extras” at the store recently and now are facing a quandary as to where to put all that stuff.  Wonder no more about your kitchen pantry organization. We’ve got you covered!

Kitchen Pantry Organization and Storage

First, take stock. Pull everything out and see what you have. Organize everything by type: cans, condiments, pastas, rices, baking goods, etc.

Next, look for what you can do to help organize this. Do you have a spare lazy susan that will fit in a cabinet? That might be a great idea for bottles of condiments. Can you combine some things? Is there an almost empty jar of peanuts and an unopened one? Can you combine those?

Start with the cans. For these, if you have a stackable wire rack, it will often work great for cans. You can fit one row under and one row above.  That means you can use part of a cabinet to group all your tomato sauces, chile and tomato cans, beans, soups, etc.

Next, treat each shelf as a half shelf. Can you use half a shelf (one side) to stack all the pastas? Do you have a clear plastic bin you can put all your bags of rice and beans in? That might be a good idea for half a shelf too.

What are some other items you can use for your kitchen pantry organization? Many people enjoy moving their flours and sugars into clear containers. This is certanly aesthetically pleasing but I’m not sure it takes up any less space. If you have containers available for that try it and see what you think before you get rid of the original flour bag or sugar bag.

custom pantry
Custom Pantries and Kitchens

If your pantry is a closet-style pantry, consider adding hooks on the inside of the door or a soft pocket-style shoe caddy that goes over the door. You can use this to store your gravy and spice packets, snack packs for kids, appliance instruction books, odds and ends like the lemon juicer or those last bags of microwave popcorn. It’s a great addition for space!

If you’re ready for a customized kitchen pantry, give us a call! We’re happy to help! (970) 234-0039.

Kitchen Pantry Organization