While we’re all spending more time at home and “social distancing” you may find yourself needing a project. Since home improvement stores are still open, you can purchase whatever you need to create a great new set of bookcases! Our bookcase inspiration, below, is here to help!

First, we LOVE the bookcase inspiration ideas from Architecture Art Designs.  These are really unique ideas guaranteed to make your bookcases a talking point whenever guests are over.  What a dramatic entry way this first one provides for this bedroom! The second one appears to turn an attic into a restful retreat for reading.

Bookcase Inspiration

More bookcase inspiration:

We also love this sleek and modern look from Homedidit.com 

It’s so different from anything we’ve seen before! Granted it would take someone with some serious know-how to create this one, but we’d be willing to give it a shot!

Modern bookcase inspiration

If you’re looking for something simpler when it comes to bookcase design, check out these ideas from CupOfJo. 

bookcase inspiration

Remember, it’s not just books that can go on bookshelves. Part of what makes built-ins so unique is what people choose to store on them. Imagine a set of built-ins for your living room filled with not only books, but photos, souvenirs and mementos from trips, plants, cookbooks, tchotchkes and so much more!  Inspiration for how to design your bookcases is one thing, inspiration for what to put on them is all around you.  Take a look at what’s currently on your shelves. Is it antique books? Is it photos? Use these as guides for creating a space perfect for displaying whatever is important to you.

We believe in designing bookcase built-ins and other custom storage that is truly custom. Our products are designed for YOU and YOUR home. To see examples of our creations, visit our Bookcases and Built-ins page. 

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Bookcase Inspiration