If you’re looking for kitchen cabinet inspiration, we’ve got 3 different ideas for you today.  Choosing kitchen cabinets can be a daunting task: they’re going to be up for a long time and they’re a huge part of the design of your room. You most likely want something functional, but also designed to show off your style and design preferences too.

Kitchen Cabinet Inspiration

We love the clean white of these cabinets and their simplicity.  The open concept here is great because there isn’t a ton of counter space below.  Closing up these cabinets would have made the space seem even smaller  Open shelving probably does mean you’ll be a little bit neater, but it also gives you a chance to display your aunt’s quirky dish collection or your favorite coffee mugs.  Below you can see simple drawer pulls, so even when there is hardware, it’s kept super simple. The backsplash here adds enough interest that you can avoid adding more with doors and hardware.

This kitchen cabinet inspiration is completely different from the first.  The dark wood here adds a feeling of comfort and elegance to the room.  You can see that every inch of space has been used for storage: both under the island and above the refrigerator too.  These cabinets clearly go all the way to the ceiling and that is going to give you a TON of storage space. We love the rustic look of these cabinets too.

Finally, our third option has no upper cabinets at all!

If you want to add storage and the elegance of stained wood while avoiding a space that feels too confined consider avoiding upper cabinets all together. It’s possible there are some elsewhere in this room, but in this space we’ve got lots of bright light.  That natural light is a great balance to these dark countertops and dark cabinets. It allows the owner to truly have something elegant and unique without this space feeling like a cave. The backsplash adds a bit of detail as well.

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Kitchen Cabinet Inspiration