We think a custom built kitchen pantry is a thing most home chefs dream of. However, if that pantry gets cluttered and you’re afraid to open the door, it may be time for a pantry clean out. There are lots of reasons to clean out your kitchen pantry, but in our mind there are 2 main ones: to get rid of broken appliances or expired products, and because if you can’t SEE what’s in there, you’re not going to use it!

First, take everything out of the pantry.  As you do, follow the Marie Kondo idea of asking if this brings you joy or not. If the blender never gets used, collects dust, and takes up valuable space, it’s not bringing joy. It’s sucking up energy. If the pasta maker makes you smile, keep it!  This same rule goes for food: if your friend from work gave you a quart jar of pickled beets and you don’t eat those, get rid of them. Consider saving the jar though!

Clean out your pantry

Once everything is cleaned out and you’ve got a pile to take to Goodwill or toss, it’s time to move on to step 2.

Step 2: Clean the pantry. Mop the floor, wipe down the shelves, and give it a good once-over. If you’re going to clean out your pantry, you might as well CLEAN your pantry.

Next, organize. No one is saying you have to buy all new storage bins for your baking supplies, but keep them together on a shelf at least. Perhaps consider a basket or clear bin for odds and ends like almond extract, that half-bag of chocolate chips, etc.  You’ll know if something needs a different container.  Organize cans by what’s in them: keep all your tomato sauces, diced tomatoes, etc, together. Keep soups together too. This way it’s easier to find a can when you need it.

Finally, enlist the whole family in the process of keeping the pantry neat and tidy!

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Clean out your kitchen pantry