The holidays can be overwhelming, am I right? There are parties to attend, kids’ school functions, gifts to buy, presents to wrap, and decorations too. Let’s not forget there are guests coming for the holidays too. However, your tidy home and organizing efforts don’t have to get pushed aside just because it’s a busier time of year. We’ve got small tips for organizing and cleaning during the holidays to help you.

How to decorate a christmas tree

  1. Keep cleaning wipes in all the bathrooms. When you’re in there doing your business, take a few minutes to wipe down the sink and toilet. If you’ve got glass wipes, clean the mirror too. This will take you an extra 2 minutes, but it’ll make you feel so much better when unexpected guests arrive! If you’ve got one more minute to spare, throw all those bath items back into the shower caddy, toy basket, etc that we know you’ve got in that bathroom.
  2. Fold the blankets. You know how closing the drawers in the bedroom dresser makes the room look neater? Folding the blankets in the living room does too. This, again, takes only a few minutes. Blankets folded? Now take a laundry basket, pick up everything that doesn’t belong in the living room, and sit it in the hall. When you’re next headed that direction, take the basket and put the stuff in it where it goes (or at least throw the toys in the kids’ rooms and shut the doors.)
  3. Keep your wrapping paper, bows and boxes hidden away when you don’t need them. I use drawers in a dresser to store our ribbons, bags, and bows. Wrapping paper lives under the guest bed.  Whatever works for you, though, will keep you sane! Keep it in something that is easy to put back when you’re done too.  Wrap presents, put the paper away, move on with your day.
  4. If the kids’ Christmas and holiday school crafts are taking over, consider some of the tips here for our homework stations as solutions.
  5. Is your pantry overflowing? All the baking ingredients for holiday foods can take over! We’ve got tips here for pantry organization. 

Take 5 minutes, heck, take 2 minutes, and look around. If you can pick up one thing, put one thing back, fold one blanket, then you’ve made a dent! In the end, your friends and family don’t care that there are socks on the counter, toys on the floor, or wrapping paper in the living room. They care about YOU.  However, we hope these small tips for organizing during the holidays will help you at least get a few things done when you need to.


Small Tips for Organizing During the Holidays