We all know the holidays can be a wonderful time of joy and giving.  It’s a time to share with family and friends, to be thankful for what we have, and to feel oh so happy! Unless you don’t. Unless you’re stressed because there are presents to buy and cookies to make and the house is a mess and grandma is coming and AHHHH! If this sounds like you, we’ve put together a list of blog posts you should read. These blogs talk about how to avoid holiday stress.  They discuss holiday overload and how to explain to others that you’re having none of that THIS year. Read on and take back your holiday by checking out these minimalist Christmas ideas. If you don’t have time to read through all of the below blog options consider this:

  1. Declutter before Christmas…way before. Do it all year long.
  2. Discuss with family that you’d like to have fewer, but more meaningful gifts this year.
  3. For kids consider the 4 present rule: Something they want, something to wear, something they need and something to read.
  4. Plan an experience for Christmas day like skiing at a nearby resort, snowshoeing, hiking, etc.
  5. Don’t go overboard on decorations. That’s the first step to a minimalist holiday – let go of some clutter and some decorations.

Minimalist Christmas ideas

How to avoid holiday overload and have a minimalist Christmas.  This post has actionable steps you can take to ensure your 2020 Christmas is more relaxing and less about a zillion presents.

Stress Less and have a more cozy Hygge Holiday! Again, this post has some actionable steps you can take. Some of them are more mental challenges for yourself, but those are worth thinking about too.

How to Enjoy a minimalist Christmas – I love that one of the steps in this one is to STOP planning things! Stop making plans! Just…don’t.

How to create a minimalist Christmas with kids – This is a great one for getting the kids on board!

Minimalist Christmas ideas for decorations – don’t forget the decorations! You don’t have to go all out. Find small ways to add a touch of the holidays to your home!


If you find this didn’t quite work out for you, but you want to keep trying, read our blog post on organizing kids’ toys and rooms here!

Minimalist Christmas Ideas: Avoid Holiday Stress and Holiday Overload