If you’re finding your home over run with cat toys, dog bones, and beds that you don’t sleep in, it may be time to make a change. You might be asking yourself, “how do I make room for my pets?” Finding space for your pets and their gear is just as difficult sometimes as finding space for YOUR gear! With a few simple tricks, however, we think you’ll be able to find plenty of space for your pets without creating more clutter.

  1. Look for unlikely solutions. Is there a vestibule or closet that doesn’t get used much? Can you turn this space into an area where hooks can be added for leashes? If so, there might also be room for food bowls and a toy box.
  2. “A toy box,” you ask.  YES.  Your pets (cats and dogs) should have a toy box with a lid, or at least a nice basket.  This way picking up their toys is easy and they can be trained to do it! Ok, our cats know how to get toys out, but they never put them back. Maybe this toy box doubles as a storage ottoman in the living room or in your bedroom. That way it’s pulling double duty as an extra place to sit when you have guests over too.
  3. Hide food bowls. This is a trend that is becoming more and more popular.In the picture below the toe kick area is used to house a rolling drawer that the pet’s food bowls are in. This way, these can be hidden away during events or other times when they’re not needed.  We do recommend leaving a bowl of water out for your pet at all times though!
    how do I find space for my pets
    Picture from homearena.co.uk


  4. Utilize Pantry Space – this is a great place to keep your dog and cat food. Don’t remove it from its pet food bag to put it in a prettier storage container.  The food is in a bag designed to keep it as fresh as possible and taking it out of that bag means it will go rancid faster.  So, just get the bags out of site in your pantry or utility closet and move on about your day.
  5. Use back-of-the-door storage.  For smaller toys and grooming items (clippers, treats, brushes, leashes, etc) a shoe caddy that can be hung on the back of a door like this one is a great option! You can get lots of products off of counters and hidden away.  Bottles of pet shampoo, training clickers, etc will all fit easily in the pockets of these.

We know your pets are a part of your family and it’s important for them to have their own space too.  Buy a decorative bed that will fit with your decor and allow your dogs to have “their” space in the living room.  But when you ask yourself: how do I make room for my pets, remember that their toys, grooming items, leashes, and food can all be hidden away out of sight!


How do I make room for my pets?