Thanksgiving is going to be here before you know it.  If you’re in charge of hosting this year and you’re working on finding more space for guests, consider these options.

First, be realistic. Finding more space for guests can be difficult if you live in a studio apartment. You still might be able to find room for a couple, or two individuals, but unless you want a slumber party, sometimes it’s best to admit when a hotel might be a better option.

Next, survey your space.

If you’ve got at least one guest room, you’ve got room for a couple and a small child in there.  A sleeping pad and fun sleeping bag make a great spot for small kids! If you’ve got a large living room, set up a tent for the kids in there and they’ll really think they’ve hit the big time. Remember all the forts you built as a kid? Now your nieces and nephews can have their own play / sleep fort!

If you’ve got a larger space but still only have a few guest rooms, there are still ways of finding more space for guests. First, consider your couch or living room. If there is a way to discreetly add sleeping space there, then do it! Most importantly though, make sure your guests will still have some privacy.  An inexpensive folding privacy screen or room divider can add at least the illusion of privacy at night for your living room guests. Ottomans provide creative hidden storage for their personal items too.

Does your house have an alcove? An alcove can be turned into a guest room if needed.  With a plush air mattress and small tables or ottomans for nightstands, you’ve got a ready-made room. Again, that illusion of privacy with a privacy screen or aptly hung curtains, can add a sense of comfort for your guests.

If you’ve got a home office, is there room to either shift furniture and add a blow-up bed OR install a murphy bed? A murphy bed is a great way to add a bed that can be hidden when not in use. If this is something you’re interested in, give us a call!  If there’s not space for a murphy bed consider an option like the one pictured: this gives you plenty of storage and even allows for your guests to have drawers of their own!

Think Outside the house:

Finally, do if you’ve got a camper, turn that into a guest suite! Your guests can have their own kitchen space, bathroom, and bed.  They’ll have plenty of privacy and amenities too! If your guests are night owls but you’re not, this gives them a great chance to enjoy a night cap without keeping you up late, and vice versa.


Finding more space for guests