Is your bedroom a mess? You can admit it to us! We understand.  After working all day and trying to fit in family time, meal time, laundry, etc., who has time to think about organizing the bedroom? However, keeping that bedroom organized can be crucial to getting a good night’s rest. You need your bedroom to be a place of calm.  How can it be when it looks like your dresser exploded? We’ve provided a list of easy ways to organize your bedroom.  If you need better storage options or a custom closet design, be sure to give us a call at (970) 234-0039.

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Step 1: clean up your closet. Organize it however you wish – with your hanging stuff sorted by color, season, office attire / home attire, etc. There are lots of different ways to structure your closet, but most importantly, just keep it neat. Put your shoes away or line them up neatly.  Put away clean clothes. Just keep it tidy.

Step 2: Close all of your drawers. Nothing makes a room look instantly more clean and organized than closed dresser drawers with nothing sticking out of them. Close the nightstand drawers, the chest of drawers, etc. We’re not judging how the contents of those drawers look (though we hope everything is folded).

Step 3: Have a hamper for your dirty clothes and use it. A nice canvas hamper or even a nice plastic one makes a big difference. A pile of dirty clothes is not something anyone wants to see. A hamper serves several purposes: it hides dirty laundry, it provides a place specifically for dirty laundry, and when it’s full you know it’s time to wash a load of clothes.

Step 4: Get baskets for your bathroom. It doesn’t matter what kind of baskets, but if you don’t have enough drawer space for all of your cosmetics, hair products, etc., baskets are a great option. You can have one for all of your homeopathic items, one for make-up, one for sunscreens, whatever. Baskets instantly make a room feel more organized even if everything is just thrown in them.

Step 5: Make your bed.  Again, like closing drawers, making your bed makes your room seem much neater than it actually may be. However, getting into a bed where the sheets are straight and the pillows are fluffed definitely helps get you on your way to a good night’s sleep!

We hope these simple tips on ways to organize your bedroom will help you feel more calm every time you enter the room!

Ways to organize your bedroom