If you love everything about your kitchen except for its cluttered counters, you’re not alone! We know many of you out there are looking for tips on decluttering kitchen counters, so we’re here to provide a few tips and tricks. These are simple ideas that might spark a solution for you from items you already have in your home, or things you can purchase at dollar stores.

Decluttering Kitchen Counters

Day-to-day stuff:  Find other places for your day-to-day stuff. Is there a basket that can be dedicated to keys and sunglasses? Or a shelf as you walk in the door? Even a bag or decorative tiny end table that can work as a catch-all for those things will help keep them off your kitchen counter.

Mail: Mail doesn’t belong on the kitchen counter! Sort it and move it as soon as you grab it from the mailbox. Trash or shred junk mail, move magazines to their magazine racks, and put bills where they belong until your usual bill-paying time.  If immediately sorting the mail doesn’t work for you, grab a nice basket or even plastic bin and designate it as the “mail bin.” At least this way the mail is corralled into one spot.

Appliances: We all have some appliances that we leave out on our counters. Reserve this space for those items you use most often: Your espresso machine, the toaster oven, etc. Is there room for an under-cabinet microwave or room to install one above or below your oven? That’s one way to remove a microwave from the countertop. If you have room for a rolling microwave cart you can gain storage AND counter space at the same time! If neither of those are options, just try to tuck away as many appliances as possible.  Ones that only get used once or twice a year, like that breadmaker your grandma sent you, can be stored in a closet or even in the laundry room if there’s extra space there.

Utensils: If you like having some utensils on the countertop, a canister or even a wide-mouth vase can be used to store them. Otherwise keep them in a drawer or plastic storage bin of their own, out of sight.

Be choosy in what you decide to keep on your counters. Whether it’s a fruit bowl, decorative trivets, a candy dish, or grocery lists, soon those items will add up to one thing: clutter.  By finding space in your cabinets and pantries to store most of those items, you’ll have a clean, uncluttered countertop and you’ll enjoy those items when you bring them out for use at dinner time or on special occasions. If these tips on decluttering kitchen counters were helpful, check out our other kitchen blog posts by clicking here.


Decluttering Kitchen Counters
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