It seems there are a million posts out there about closet organization…we’ve written several ourselves! 

Yet it seems the topic of how to organize your closet, ways to organize those shirts, shoes, skirts, pants, unmentionables, accessories, etc. is still just as prevalent as ever.  So instead of writing another post with tips for closet organization, we’ve decided to just compile several other posts here. That way you can scroll through and see which ones sound interesting. Obviously the link above will take you to our own archive of closet organization posts.  The links below and summaries are from a variety of closet organization posts we found when scouring the internet.

The Container Store’s post here with tips for decluttering your closet is short but can be a great place to start.


Women’s Day has a gallery of closet organization ideas and tips for you in this post. We always think posts like this are great to scroll through because you never know what you might come across…like this hanging organizer for all your accessories!

Tips for Closet Organization


Good Housekeeping also has a gallery that includes ideas for your purses, belts, and even sunglasses!


Even Oprah has ideas on closet organization!

There are even instructions for making this DIY heels storage rail!

Tips for closet organization


And finally, don’t miss Real Simple’s post about tips ONLY professional organizers know! (Until they wrote that post…apparently).

We hope these blog posts and our own tips help you find ways to organize your closet so that it’s more useful to you and your family.  If you do nothing else, we’d suggest getting rid of anything that you don’t use, that doesn’t bring you joy, that’s worn, tattered, outgrown, or just plain something you don’t like. Once you do that, you’ll find that you’ve got more space to truly enjoy and organize the stuff you like!

Tips for Closet Organization Part 734