Finding the right gift for the organizer in your life doesn’t have to be tricky! There are plenty of great items out there to help people stay organized or, if you’re trying to get some to start organizing their life, there are gifts that can help with that too.  We checked out several other blogs to compile our own list of 10 items to help people get and stay organized! 

1. Magnetic spice rack.

The spice racks in our lives are always a bane of the kitchen. We need the spices and we love the spices but having organized spices is never easy.  With a magnetic spice rack, however, all of a cook’s spices can be in like containers easily within reach.  

2. Scarf hanger

What better way to neatly organize scarves than with a scarf hanger? We like the loop variety of hanger best, but there are lots of options available. All of them fit nicely on your closet rod and allow you to hang lots of scarves at once.

3. Sharpies

If you want to label things, Sharpies make it more fun! These come in such a wide variety of colors and styles now that there’s a Sharpie for everyone! 

4. Desk Sets

From modern styles to ultra-feminine looks, you can find a great organizer that encompasses file holders, paperclip and pen holders, and even business cards or sticky notes. 

5 & 6 Drawer organizers

Drawer organizers fall into 2 categories: organizers for desk and kitchen drawers that are divided for things like binder clips, pens, forks, knives, etc. and clothing drawer organizers that help you keep socks and undergarments organized.  Both of these are great options for those who love to stay organized or need to get organized!

7. Chalkboard Paint Labels

These are the perfect labels because they’re reusable! Label, erase, label again! 

8. Label Maker

Label makers keep everything consistent.  There’s no more worrying about bad handwriting or scratching something out; label makers are neat and tidy! Plus you can use them in conjunction with pretty tags to create a truly unique labeling system that is all you. 

9. Over the Door Shoe Organizer

These can be used in every room of the house for various things; they’re not just for shoes! We use an over the door organizer on the inside of our pantry door for pet items (brushes, toys, treats), random appliance accessories like the various mixer attachments, food processor blades, etc. You can use them in the bathroom to hold hairdryers, curling irons, lotions, etc. They’re useful for holding gloves and scarves on the coat closet door too! 

10. Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a great way to stay organized when traveling.  No more digging through your suitcase looking for that one pair of socks…they’re in their cube! 

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