As we head into December we’ve got tips on how to decorate a Christmas tree. It seems like it would be easy, right? Put up the tree, throw on some lights and ornaments and voila! It’s done! However, if you want a truly beautiful tree, you’ll have to give it a bit more effort.

The first step is of course, choosing a tree. This is easy enough if you’ve already got an artificial tree that you use each year. If you’re choosing a real tree though, here are a few things to consider:

  1. What type decorations are you planning? If you have lots of larger ornaments, you’ll want to find a real tree with plenty of space between the branches so that you have room for those large ornaments. If you don’t have many ornaments and are planning for a simpler tree with lights, some cranberry garland, and a few special ornaments, consider looking for a smaller bushier tree.
  2. Obviously the size of a real tree is important too. For smaller spaces try to find a slimmer tree that will fit well without crowding your space. For larger homes full tall trees can help fill in a space quite nicely.

Once you’ve got your tree picked out, find the perfect spot for it. For real trees it’s best to keep them as far from heater vents or radiators as possible.  This will prevent them from drying out too quickly. It’s always nice, when possible, to place your tree in front of a window so passersby can see the lights at night.

With the tree in place, the first step in decorating is lights. Check first to make sure all lights are working before you begin adding them to the tree. Start at the bottom and work your way up the trunk and out onto each major branch. This can be a tedious process.  It’s best to include some Christmas music or movies while you make your way through this part! They’ll keep you in the Christmas spirit.  Your other option of course is to use a pre-lit tree.  This way the hard work of stringing lights is done for you.

After the lights have been strung, the next step is adding your garland, if you’re using any.  Start close to the top of the tree and string the garland at an angle around and down the tree, increasing the amount used as you reach the larger portions of the tree. You can even mix and match.  For example: string a beaded or natural looking garland at an angle down the tree.  Then use a wider ribbon running vertically from the top of the tree (three strands of vertical ribbon is good).  You’ll then want to top the tree with a bow in the same pattern of ribbon.

How to decorate a christmas tree

Finally it’s time to add the ornaments! Standard advice says to first place your favorite ornaments in prime positions on the tree.  Follow this with your largest ornaments, spaced out. Next fill in the rest of the space with your medium and small ornaments.  Make sure to space out similar ornaments.  For example, if you have several snowflake ornaments, make sure two aren’t right beside each other.

Finally, add any finishing touches.  We often place large pinecones in our tree and add sprigs of artificial berries and flowers to the tree.  This helps fill in any gaps and adds a natural, woodsy touch.

Don’t have room for a tree? Give Space Creators a call and we can help you add built-in shelves for your books and such so that you’ll have more floor space available for a tree next year! (970) 234-0039.

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree