Does your desk look like this? desk organization

Or maybe it’s got piles of file folders, piles of loose papers, and post-it notes all over.  Maybe it’s just a giant jumble. In any case, the way your desk looks can help define what type of organization style you have.  One isn’t necessarily better than the other – as long as YOU know where things are and you get things done, then whatever organizational style you have clearly works! Answer the questions below and keep track of your responses to find out which style best describes you.

My desk truly does look like…

A. The picture above

B. It has piles of folders, piles of papers, and a variety of post-it notes stuck everywhere

C. something exploded

D. There are neatly organized file folders, but also stacks of papers and a random assortment of odds and ends, plus my to-do list.

My bathroom counter…

A. Is empty except for a few items like my toothbrush holder and a box of tissue, for example.

B. Has lots of baskets holding a variety of items from brushes to colognes, medicines, and wash cloths.

C. Is filled with hairbrushes, make-up, cologne bottles, dust.

D. Has some baskets holding items, areas of it are free of debris, and some things like my brush and make-up, are scattered around.

When I open the refrigerator…

A. I can find exactly what I’m looking for because everything is labeled and the condiments are organized alphabetically.

B. I mostly keep things organized by shelf: drinks on one, veggies together, leftovers together, etc.

C. I cringe because I’m afraid something is going to walk out of it.

D. I know sort of where everything is. Usually items are grouped together but they sometimes just get moved around or hidden.

Before I go to bed at night…

A. I fold blankets, put the remotes back in their basket, and put away clean clothes, shoes, etc.

B. I straighten the stacks of magazines, take my dirty dishes to the kitchen, and throw away any trash lying around.

C. I look around the house and wince at the mess.

D. I might put my shoes away and fold the blankets. Everything else can wait until tomorrow.

When it comes to cooking dinner…

A. I clean as I go.

B. I pile all the dishes in the sink and take care of them after dinner.

C. I eat out to avoid having to clean up.

D. I fill the dishwasher and pile everything else by the sink.


What’s your organizational style?

If you got mostly A’s, you’re definitely a classic organizer.  Some might call you a neat-nik even.  There’s nothing wrong with being neat and tidy! Just don’t be surprised if others aren’t quiet as fastidious as you are!  Perhaps once in a while take a break, Monica Geller, and leave the little ball of paper on the table.

If you got mostly B’s, you’re what we call a stacker/piler.  While this would drive a classic organizer crazy, it works for you. You know what’s in your stacks and piles and you rarely suffer any consequences from keeping things organized in this manner. Your post-its help keep you on track too, but sometimes even a post-it note isn’t good enough…


If you got mostly C’s, we suggest you go read some of our blog posts on how to organize the various rooms of your home. You need to start a routine and get some semblance of order happening! Remember that Friends episode where Ross dated the messy girl? You don’t want to be that girl!

If you got mostly D’s, you’re a bit of a hybrid.  Maybe you keep your desk organized, but let things fall apart in your bedroom and bathroom. Maybe some nights you wash all the dishes and other nights you let them go.  Probably you’re the most well adjusted of the entire bunch! You just don’t let it all get to be too extreme in either direction.  Basically, you keep the house clean but you might occasionally lick the spoon and put it back in the drawer.

What’s your organizational style?