This week’s blog post is all about mudroom organization. I’m obsessed with mudrooms even though I don’t actually have one. I have a space I could turn into one, so perhaps this post will be my inspiration for doing so! We’ve compiled several tips for mudroom organization, plus we’re including images from our Pinterest board too!

Mudroom organization

This mudroom picture from Pinterest shows many of the features we’re including in our tips list below: a bench, baskets, hooks, shelving storage, and space for shoes.

  1. Hooks are a must for mudroom organization.  They can be used for raincoats, ski jackets, hats, the reusable grocery bags that you always forget to take with you, the newspaper recycling bag, and more! Hooks provide a way to get things off the floor, which is what we’re always striving for, right?
  2. Shelving above the hooks is nice too.  Adding upper storage means a place to store larger items that you don’t need very often.  You could store coolers up there, the bread machine you can’t bear to throw away but only use at Christmas, baskets of extra winter gear for when friends come over, etc.
  3. One thing that’s not in this picture is a mat or tray for wet and muddy shoes.  If you have a specific spot inside to put those snow-covered boots or those muddy tennis shoes, you’ll save yourself a lot of floor cleaning later on.
  4. Large baskets are a great way to organize and hide at the same time.  Give each person in the family a basket, have baskets for shoes, hats, sports equipment, garden tools, whatever! Like hooks, putting things in baskets means they aren’t cluttering up the floor.
  5. Hat racks – like hooks, but specifically for caps! We have a hat rack here that is overflowing right now with baseball caps.  That probably means we should get rid of a few, but…maybe we should just get another set of hooks! Having a hat rack by the door also means everyone remembers to grab a hat on the way out.  This way everyone’s heads are protected when you’re out at the lake or on a hike.
  6. Finally, if you have a closet door or something near your mudroom area, consider over the door storage as well.  Whether it’s another hook or two, or a pocketed over-the-door organizer usually reserved for shoes, you’ll find this quite useful for smaller items like scarves, mittens, mini umbrellas, and even keys!


If you need help with your mudroom organization make sure to give Space Creators in Grand Junction a call!


Mudroom Organization: Tips and Tricks for keeping that mudroom tidy!

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