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Cool Shelving Nooks add Function, Storage & Design

Sometimes closets are just not as functional as they could be. Sometimes space is taken up by the closet just doesn’t serve the room well. There may be better space allotment for a totally different purpose. Here are some fun ideas to consider!

Let’s take the closet in your office or spare bedroom. You like to read, there isn’t a very comfortable spot in your house other than the couch in the living room where the TV is located. It would be fun to have a reading nook away from the hub of the living room.

First, take off the door to the closet you want to convert – it’s a fairly deep closet, and there is considerable wall space. It would be nice to build bookshelves on 3 walls that go to the ceiling. You can take all your favorite books out of boxes or storage and get them organized! If the shelves start at 3 or 4 ft. up the wall, create a cushioned seating area below the shelves and with drawers or cupboard space underneath for even more storage! Then line the back with throw pillows. If the closet doesn’t have good lighting it is time to add some good lights in the ceiling for reading. Finish off the door jam and new shelving with fresh paint and start a good book!

Bathroom cupboard nook

  • Office closet: for more storage, turn the closet into shelves and cupboards and drawers for better organization. The new built-ins can be recessed into space or align the cabinet/drawer fronts with the existing wall  
  • Bathroom nook: a recessed nook can hold bathroom essentials or decorative items. Cut into the wall between studs and frame the space, finish out the back and sides of the opening then add shelves to the recessed area. This adds a nice design and more function to the bathroom.
  • Bedside nook: a recessed nook can hold decorative items or books and small bedside essentials. Cut into the wall between studs and frame the hole, add shelves to the recessed area – add design and function.
  • Bedroom or bathroom: build-in drawers between wall studs. That’s like having an extra bureau in the room!
  • Kitchen: take out a fake drawer in front of the sink and add paper towels on a rod!
  • Kitchen: add pantry shelves, built-in between the studs within a closet or kitchen wall and enclose with cabinet doors.
  • Dining Room:  take out the closet and create a built-in china cabinet, complete with glass front doors, shelves, drawers and lower cabinets. It’s recessed, so it doesn’t take up space in the room!
  • Hall Closet: take out the closet and replace with an organized entry with shelves for containers for small items, hooks for coats and jackets below the shelves, add a padded seat on top of drawers across the bottom.


May 10, 2018

Cool Shelving Nooks add Function, Storage & Design

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