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BEFORE: A messy closet is filled with trendy junior woman’s clothes in a variety of patterns and prints.

Overstuffed Closet

To dive into an overstuffed closet and put some order and sense back into it may be daunting to some. But for me, it seems like good time to weed out the winter items, as winter weather blows out and the sun filters into spring.

Who wants to look at corduroy and wool in the closet? Where are the cute summer clothes? If you are like me, I have had to box up my summer tops and cute skirts to make room for heavy winter clothes. And really, do I need so many items for each season? Do I need to have my space organized more efficiently?

8 Steps for Closet Cleaning and Organizing:

  1. Take everything out and place on a bed or in a room with space to spread out
  2. Sort clothes seasonally
  3. Sort piles for: keep, maybe, give-away or throw-out
  4. Look or try-on piece-by-piece and decide if:
    • It still fits
    • Looks appealing
    • If you still wear it
    • Is it a classic piece or special occasion item
    • Do you feel confident wearing it?
    • Does this fit where I am in life?
  5. To help make it a fun process invite a friend (or friends) over to help make decisions!
  6. Put items back into your closet in categories: short-sleeve blouses, long-sleeve blouses, skirts, dresses, pants, and jackets. Grouping colors together is helpful, too. It really becomes apparent what your favorite colors are or what you have too many of in a certain color.
  7. Box up any out-of season clothes for storage.
  8. Now pair items together and see what you need to fill in the gap? A new dress? Now you have the space!

If you need help getting your closet fit with shelves, cupboards, cubbies or rods, we can help you organize!

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8 Steps for Closet Cleaning, Season to Season