Organized Desk in Office

Great ideas to start organizing for a productive New Year.

Having an optimal workspace can greatly affect your productivity. Here is what you should do.

Where you work affects how you work. Working in a cluttered, messy, or distracting environment will affect your work, and probably in a negative way.

If you’re like the average knowledge worker, you spend most of your time sitting in front of a computer screen. Even though your work revolves around a computer, your office as a whole should help you to be as productive as possible.

A well-organized office has huge benefits. In the first place, it provides a feeling of control and competence, which leads to higher levels of productivity. Second, the very fact that it’s organized defends against distractions. Your organized office can absorb the incoming work, and position you for success.

Yes, you do have to make a few decisions and Purge. Getting rid of clutter. But somehow it all seems to collect back again. That’s why it makes sense to create an Incoming Catch-it space. One of the most important spaces in the office is the desktop.

Most people find a Clean Desktop to be the most productive. But if you are the creative type – that may not be the case! Suit yourself.

Create a Two Tray System: one for new, incoming information and an old tray for documents you have already looked at and need to do something with.

Create a Two Zone System: one for computer-work and one for non-computer work.

Use Drawers and Organizing Trays to put physical office supplies in and keep organized.

Have a Trash can and a Recycling Box. Separate the junk right into the recycling and trash what can’t be recycled. Everything off your desk is less clutter!

The sooner you organize, the more productive you will be!

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How to Organize Your Office for Maximum Productivity