Organizing Holiday DecorationsDec. 2017

It’s November, beginning of December and time for the Holidays to begin unfolding! You love the excitement that swirls around all the fun activities and you love the entertaining! But along with entertaining come the overwhelming thoughts of decorating for the holidays. Pulling all that tangled mess of lights out, and the boxes of ornaments that were thrown in together.

Somewhere, it is all up there – in the attic, or down stairs in the basement, in a heap or jumble. What you want mostly are the lights and the ornaments, which are mixed in with odds and ends of gift-wrapping paper, ribbon and décor. You have to do something, it’s time to organize! Kill the clutter!

Some Easy Ways to Organize your Holiday Ornaments and Décor and Wrapping:

• First, sort out and categorize items. Put like-items together such as: ornaments, soft or fabric items, wrapping paper and ribbon, garlands, gift bags, bows, larger display items for shelves or table tops, hanging displays, outdoor lights, and outdoor displays.

• Organize the items in each category, plan what type of container they would fit into best. Pack each category of items neatly together into containers with dividers for fragile ornaments (save the fruit boxes from your auntie) or try zip-lock bags that make it easy-to-see what’s in it. Use stacking plastic storage bins and label them distinctly. Find a place in a room, garage or attic where all the boxes can be stored together. That way you don’t have search for missing pieces.

• Ornaments: put similar ornaments together in boxes with dividers for protection against rubbing and breaking. Similarities of items can be based on shape, size, materials such as wooden figures or fragile glass balls or the kid’s handmade ornaments. Pack ornaments if fragile with tissue together in boxes with cardboard separations. Look for organizer boxes and containers from Real Simple®, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target or Walmart.

• Organize Christmas lights with the handy “Light Storage System” from Bed, Bath & Beyond. Wrap the lights on a plastic reel that unwinds as the lights are pulled out for installation. There is a heavy-duty nylon storage bag for tucking the lights and reel into for easy storage until next year!

• Holiday wrap: there are all kinds of containers available from plastic tubs to clever products such as the Haymaker Honey Can Do Holiday Paper and Bow Organizer. It’s a sleek nylon zippered box that will hold 12 standard rolls of wrapping paper with a divider for additional ribbon and bows. Zip and store! Another cool product is made to hang from a closet rod. It has separate compartments for long rolls, flat ribbons, bows and more: Closet Rod Gift-Wrap Organizer.

Just a little time spent organizing can save hours untangling lights, searching for stockings, or keeping ornaments safe and unbroken. There are many options to help you organize for the holidays, they help to eliminate clutter, save time and allow you to be more prepared to enjoy family time! Enjoy the holidays!

New tips for organizing your Holiday Decor

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