Added stress for the holidays can really ruin the fun. So look ahead, plan for your guests. Get the guest room set-up in advance and they will feel at home or even better than being at home! It doesn’t have to be fancy, just clean and comfortable!

Here are a few tips to take:

1. Declutter: all surface areas, dresser drawers and closet space, it’s a good time to throw out any unnecessary stuff. Find a box or bag and put it in the basement or out of sight. Make your guest feel like they have room to spread out, use the top of the dresser, or put something in a drawer or in the closet.

2. Remove personal items: if the room is used as an office or playroom, this will open up the room and give it more space and make them feel welcome. Remove furniture and items that guests might stumble over in the room and in the hallway around the doorway.

3. Cleaning: dust. Turn on the lights, open up the shades and see where the dust is, don’t forget under the bed. A microfiber cloth is a great way to clean surfaces, including lightshades. Add some potpourri or essential oil (lavender or lemon) to freshly scent the room.

4. Pillows and linens: good pillows (not your cast-offs) can be gotten inexpensively and your guest will sleep comfortably. Put out blanket and cover options for your guests to choose for warmer or cooler temperatures. Ceiling fans are also a great feature for temperature control and keeps your guests from regulating the heat register.

5. Extra touches that make a guest feel comfortable: provide a luggage stand so your guest can easily get into their bag without bending to the floor or putting on the bed. Put out extra towels, water glass and pitcher, Wifi log-in information, USB connector, magazines or books, interesting brochures about the area, a pretty bowl for jewelry or pocket change. Make sure to put out extra essentials like soap, shampoo and toilet paper, too.

6. Nightlights: you know how to get around your house in the dark, but your guests don’t. Make them feel comfortable with a few nightlight options in the hall and bathroom. They can always turn them off if they don’t need or want to use them.

Guest Room Organization