RV organization is sort of like using every trick you know about organizing every part of your home, all with 20 (or more or less) ft of space…you need to know how to organize a “bedroom,” a kitchen/dining room, and a bathroom.  What’s our best advice? Storage containers.  Lots and lots of storage containers.

There is a ton of storage available in this Rockwood Mini Lite 1905 (available in Grand Junction at Bob Scott RVs).  These two pictures show the storage availability in the kitchen/dining area alone.  BUT through those cabinet doors are just big gaping spaces…to best utilize this space, you’re going to need custom shelving (which we can do!) or storage bins.


Measure first to determine the best size. We’ve found shoe-box sized storage bins that open like drawers (front open) tend to be best here.  While you’re buying those, pick up some non-slip drawer liners to use under the bins and on top if you plan to stack bins.

This way, you can have a bin for spatulas and other cooking utensils, a bin for spices, etc.

The next best way to organize in your camper is by using adhesive hooks on the walls.  Hooks are a great way to hang just about anything: hats, jackets, your aluminum can recycle bag, your bag of tech gear, etc. They’re versatile and do a great job of getting items off of your table and off of the floor.

In an RV the best advice is to have a place for everything and everything in its place. USE the space!

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 4.17.14 PM

There are about 4 deep and wide shelves behind this door.  There are so many ways you can utilize this space: towels, duffel bags of clothes, toiletries, storage bins for each person staying in the camper, extra storage for blankets, bulky jackets, games, books, magazines…the possibilities are many!

So to recap: when it comes to organizing your RV, use storage bins or custom shelving in your cabinets and invest in hooks.

RV and Camper organization

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