Organizing strings of lights, rolls of wrapping paper, and piles of Christmas Tree ornaments can be challenging.  Here are 10 tips for organizing your holiday decorations:

1. Label everything! Label boxes by holiday and type of decoration inside. If you use shelves in a closet to store decorations, consider labeling these too.

2. Store ornaments in cardboard liquor or wine boxes(liquor stores are happy to give these to you).  You can also use egg cartons for storing small ornaments.

3. Organize boxes by season / holiday.  Store items in such a way that you know exactly where the Easter decorations are and where the Halloween decorations are. Consider storing boxes in a row knowing that the far left is early in the year and the far right is late in the year. ef2fd90c4820f56424bc4d1e7fa9ebae

4. Start an inventory list for holidays that you have many decorations for.  List the number of strings of Christmas lights you have, wreaths, tablecloths, etc.

5. Use skirt hangers to hang all holiday linens, from tablecloths to napkins. This will keep them organized and wrinkle-free.

6. Consider repurposing an old chest of drawers for storing holiday wrappings. You can store tissue paper and clothes boxes (flat) in drawers, conceal rolls of wrapping paper behind the chest or under it, and use other drawers for storing tape, ribbons and bows.

7. Keep like with like. Store all of your wrapping items together, all of your kitchen decorations together, etc. In this way, if you only have time to decorate one room,  you can get out the items specifically for that room and that room only.

8. Hang wreaths on hooks in an unused closet or on a wall in your basement.  This will keep the wreath from getting crushed or misshapen.

9. Try to use plastic boxes with tight fitting lids for most decorations. These boxes will protect your decorations from damp areas, like basements and are easy to stack.

10. Let go.  Maybe you don’t need quite as many Christmas trees throughout the house.  Maybe you only need one box of decorations for the bathroom. At the end of each year, take stock and consider letting some things go.

Organizing your holiday decorations