If your craft room is cluttered and unorganized, chances are it’s not very inspiring either. You probably walk in, turn around and walk right back out.  Most of us find it hard to create in a cluttered environment and having a cluttered craft room is sure to put a damper on your creative side.  So here are a few ways to organize your craft room so that your mind is free to create!

  1. Organize by color: organize papers, buttons, ribbons, and even markers or colored pencils by color.
  2. Use magazine holders or file folder holders for storing all those stacks of colored paper for your scrapbooking and other projects.
  3. Use drawers to store colored ribbons and baskets to store yarn, markers, and even rubber stamps.
  4. Consider a peg board: Peg boards are great for hanging scissors and other supplies like tape and other small tools such as single hole punchers.
  5. Jars or clear plastic containers are great for storing lots of things from buttons to brass scrapbooking items or jewelry beads.
  6. Use the inside or back of a door to store larger items like gift bags or wrapping paper.
  7. Remember to clean out the clutter! If there are items that you don’t use, or items that don’t belong in your craft room, get them out!

Organized people are happy people and we at Space Creators of Grand Junction can help YOU be organized too. Craft-Room-Organization-How-to-Install-a-Giant-Pegboard-perfect-storage-idea-for-a-craft-room-at-thehappyhousie.com-16

Photo from: http://thehappyhousie.porch.com/craft-room-organization-ideas/

Organize your craft room
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