When you take on the task of “decluttering” or organizing a room, closet, or cabinet, there are certain questions you can ask yourself to help you through the process.  Getting rid of items by throwing them away or donating them can be tough for some people. It’s hard to let go of items you’ve had for years, even if you know you no longer need them. We hope these questions will help you detach from some unnecessary items and clear your house of clutter.
messy-closet-1452826-639x926Question 1 can be used for closets, or more generally for holiday items, small appliances, even technology.  When was the last time I wore (or used) this item? 

If the answer for clothes is more than a year ago (some things are seasonal, after all) then it’s time to let that item go. For other items like small appliances, if you haven’t used it in 6 months or more, you might consider letting it go.

Question 2: Do I like this item enough to buy it again?  This is a GREAT question.  At least for me, this is easily answered with, “Yes, definitely!” or “Nooooo, not really.” Deep down you know if a product you have is worth buying again.

Question 3: Why do I have this OR What is my plan for this? Consider my electric ice cream maker. I have it because it’s healthier to make sorbet and ice cream at home. My plan for it was to do this throughout the summer with fresh Palisade peaches.  However, if I go back to Questions 1 and 2…I don’t remember the last time I used the ice cream maker and I’m not sure I like it enough to buy it again.  So, it’ll probably end up getting donated soon.

Question 4: Am I keeping this for sentimental reasons? Of course there are items we keep for sentimental reasons! But if we’re keeping everything for sentimental reasons, it’s time to let go.  Keep items that are useful or can be framed or displayed in some way.  Photos are easily stored in boxes or albums, artwork can be framed and displayed, and keepsake dishes can be used on special occasions.

Question 5: Do I have duplicates of this? garage-1538334How many duplicate items do you think can be found in this cluttered garage? There are probably multiple flathead screwdrivers, multiple hammers, and probably even multiple drills. By organizing this space, the duplication becomes apparent and extra items can be donated.

Question 6: Can I consolidate? 

Instead of storing all of your scrapbooking supplies in their original boxes or containers, is there a better organizational product that you could use to consolidate all of your stickers or other accessories? Can you find stackable paper trays to use to organize your cardstock instead of just stacking piles of paper everywhere? Finding ways to consolidate items and leave behind their bulky packaging can help you reorganize that craft room or pantry.

Question 7: What type of organization do I like? 

Before you begin any organization project, you should know which types of organization work best for you.  Some people need to see items in order to make sure they get used.  Therefore, clear boxes, desktop file folders, and bulletin boards are good ways to organize an office.  If you need a clear desktop to work then perhaps file drawers with hanging file folders are better for you.  Ask yourself how you work best or what is most relaxing to you. This will help you determine if neatly stacked magazines on your coffee table is acceptable or if those magazines need to be stored in a magazine rack or inside a storage ottoman.


We hope that our questions to ask yourself when you’re organizing will help you to declutter and organize each room in your home.  If you find you need built-ins or custom designed closet, garage, or pantry space,  make sure to call Space Creators of Grand Junction!

Organization questions to ask yourself
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