Your bedroom should be a sanctuary – a place of relaxation, rest, calm, peace.  If it’s cluttered and unorganized finding peace there will be difficult.  Personally, I like to keep as much “stuff” out of my bedroom as possible.  There are pieces of furniture, yes, but very few items on display.  Everything in its place.

This is of course easier to accomplish if you have a large walk-in closet in which to store all of your clothes, shoes and jewelry.  If that isn’t an option for you, consider the following tips:


  1. Under bed storage is an often under-utilized space.  Consider flat plastic storage bins, or even attractive low-profile baskets to store everything from your favorite scarves and belts to less-used ski pants or backpacking gear.
  2. Consider your nightstand: Using a dresser as a night stand, or just a night stand with drawers can be a great way to provide extra bedroom organization.  Drawers like this for books, trinkets, socks, gloves, etc are a great use of space and often better for organizing than just a nightstand table.
  3. Shelves, shelves, shelves! Save space with corner shelves, or create a decorative “built-in” headboard with shelves on which to place books, tchotchkes, photos and more.  We at Space Creators of Grand Junction would LOVE to design a headboard with shelving for you!
  4. Ottomans and stools with storage are another great option for storing extra blankets or pillows.  These are a nice addition because they provide seating but also hidden storage.
  5. Decorative hooks can be a nice addition for hanging scarves or jewelry.  We don’t recommend hanging jackets or other large bulky items on your bedroom walls, but certainly necklaces, scarves, and other light, attractive items can add to your room’s decor while also helping to organize it.

For more ideas on organizing your bedroom, give Space Creators of Grand Junction a call or visit our website: 

Bedroom organization tips

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